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Land & Sea Tour with Safari & Snorkeling

Quick Details

Child Ages 3-12
Private Charter up to 8 people

The Bora Bora Land & Sea Tour is the Perfect Combo

Bora Bora should be done by land and by sea, so we have combined the best tours of the island in one fun-filled day of activities. The morning will start off with Vavau’s 4×4 adventure tour. Our multilingual guides will usher you around the island, and take you around the best lookout points and areas of interest on the island.

We visit “Faanui’s” lush green valley where banana trees and pineapple bushes are garden plants in people’s yards. The now immovable WWII guns blend into nature and into Bora Bora’s amazing history seamlessly. These are a few of the highlights you will experience with our guide while he drives you around the island.

Underwater is where the next set of adventures will take you. By boat, you will experience snorkeling and floating above reef sharks, and petting and playing with grey rays. Imagine diving into a life-size saltwater tank; at the coral garden, you will lose yourself among clouds of colorful blue damsels and yellow angelfish to name a few.

As our boat gently bounces on and off the vibrant colorful lagoon, you can gaze into the crystal clear seas observing the underwater life that doesn’t seem to mind you watching from above. At the end of the day, you will have experienced the best there is to see in Bora Bora.

1. Lagoon

  • ​​Stingray snorkeling ​​
  • Visit of reef shark
  • ​​Coral garden snorkeling ​​
  • Lunch on private island

2. Land

  • ​Circle island tour
  • ​​Historical and cultural explanation of island ​​stops/roads
  • ​​Faanui WWII Canons lookout (private), ​​Amanahune Antena lookout
  • ​​Matira Ringo’s lookout (private)
  • ​​Pareu Curios and workshop
  • ​​Faanui Valley (local fruits and foods)


  • ​​Bottled water
  • ​​Mask and snorkel
  • ​​Towel
  • ​​Oshibori cold wet towels
  • ​​Languages available: English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, German (special demand and fee)