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Lagoon Snorkeling Tour with Sharks & Stingrays

Quick Details

Adult (Full day) Ages 13+
Child (Full day) Ages 3-12
Adult (Half day) Ages 13+
Child (Half day) Ages 3-12
Private Charter (Full day) Up to 12 People
Private Charter (Half day) Up to 12 People

Bora Bora Lagoon Tour With Friendy Sharks & Stingrays

​​Your boat captain is your guide for this full- or half-day ocean adventure that is an absolute must-see, must-do experience for all who vacation in beautiful Bora Bora. With sunscreen applied, shades on, and looking good in ocean wear, your fabulous adventure begins with a circle island boat excursion. Seaspray will refresh you as you glide over the turquoise lagoon, revealing amazing vistas that will delight your eyes and cameras.

​​Ever swim with a ray? In waist-deep water, get up close and personal with these magnificent fish with smooth, flat bodies, flapping wings, and friendly demeanor. Feed them fish and they will be your newest friend. Not to worry – rays don‘t have teeth!

Snorkels and masks are provided by your captain and will give you a whole new perspective as you see what fish see. Tame sharks, cousins of the rays, will impress you as they glide past you with poise and beauty.

​​With a new coat of sunscreen and snorkel and mask in hand, plunge into the crystal blue depths at the coral garden, an amazing underwater oasis of color and shape. Corals of virtually every hue are home to teeming fish, animated and equally colorful. Prefer to stay in the boat? The colorful ocean life below is visible through the sparkling, clear lagoon.

​​On a beautiful motu (islet), our family has been grilling and chilling and await your mid-day arrival. With your feet in the lagoon on your own lunch table, enjoy a sumptuous fare of steak, chicken, salads, fruits, beverages, and of course, fish, with your feet in the lagoon! Seating is limited for this tour so book now…

​​Ia Orana. Until we meet again!


  • ​​Pick up by boat ​​
  • Circle island tour ​​4 stops:
  • ​​Shark observations reef side ​​Gray Ray discovery
  • ​​Coral Garden Matira
  • ​​Private motu visit
  • ​​lunch on private motu (ONLY FULL-DAY TOUR!)
  • ​​Traditional Tahitian feast also available on MONDAY and FRIDAY


  • ​​Bottled water
  • ​​Mask and snorkel
  • ​​Beach towel
  • ​​BBQ lunch with salad bar
  • ​​Languages available: English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, German (special demand and fee)