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Bora Bora Dream Stays

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Welcome to Bora Bora Sunrise Villa and Fare Manava

Vacation rentals have evolved travel and tourism providing more flexibility, and affordability compared to hotels. Why go for a hotel room when you can get the entire villa? The massive benefits extend beyond having privacy and space, to saving huge on meals since you get a private kitchen to cook instead of always having to dine out. Bora Bora Sunrise Villa and fare Manava vacation rentals are a big save for parents and groups looking to explore and enjoy a remarkable experience at affordable rates compared to the excruciating expenses of booking multiple hotel rooms.

Bora Bora Sunrise Villa. Why choose Bora Bora Sunrise Villa for your next Vacation?


Offering an exuberant vacation packed with mind-blowing ocean views and momentous experiences is part of the inspiration behind Bora Bora Sunrise Villa. The Magnificent Bora Bora Sunrise Villa is nestled at the prime spacious parcel of Bora Bora Island on the Eastside district of Anau. The 2-bedroom luxurious holiday home is uniquely designed to display captivating architecture that triggers sweet and relaxing emotions. Detailed with exquisite interior décor, contemporary furniture, and ample amenities, the Villa displays a rich island taste and glamour.  And just when you thought the overwhelming spectacular view of the Villa has you hooked, you will fall in love with the astounding waterfront serving breathtaking ocean views. a man standing next to a body of waterThe alluring fenced private yard has an adorning patio, and summer chairs that comfortably enable you to relax and bewilder the dazzling ocean view, and the beautiful sunrise arouses some of the most beautiful feelings of a lifetime.

Things to do at Bora Bora Sunrise Villa

Explore a whole range of fun-filled activities at the Bora Bora Sunrise Villa including hiking, jet skiing, and sailing which rank high among the recreational list of activities that our guests enjoy. Get to jump off the pier into the breathtaking Bora Bora turquoise lagoon and explore the amusing coral valley at the Villa.  Vavau 4×4 adventures offers 4wd tours and snorkeling lagoon tours are available to give you a memorable experience as they take you around the historic and epic destinations around Bora Bora. You can go fishing and have a sumptuous seafood dinner made from your catch, which is among the fulfilling activities.

Sustainability Approach Adopted by Bora Bora Sunrise Villa

Bora Bora Sunrise Villa offers an exotic, relaxing, and entertaining holiday experience for you, your family, and your friends. In the spirit of promoting ecotourism, Bora Bora Sunrise Villa provides adequate security and safety amenities like a Carbon Monoxide Detector, Fire Emergency Contact, and Smoke Detector that monitor and support the natural quality of life on the Island.

If you are looking for a memorable vacation experience filled with vast water sporting activities, heartwarming glorious views, and luxuriously spacious accommodation, Book Now! Fill out the booking form and get to enjoy amazing packages at the Bora Bora Sunrise Villa.

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Bora Bora Fare Manava

Why Fare Manava is the Best Holiday Home in Matira Beach

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Situated at the world-renowned charming Matira Beach in Bora Bora, is the Fare Manava villa. Fare Manava is a beachfront vacation home that exceeds all standards of extraordinary beauty, luxury, and sophistication and is the only rental property at the famous Matira Beach. The fenced private property features a 2-bedroom bungalow with spacious rooms and 2- bathrooms. The living room is adequately spaced and designed with contemporary furniture and a fully equipped kitchen. Interestingly, almost all the rooms allow a scenic view of the beach, and one can enjoy a marvelous sunrise view from the master bedroom. Fare Manava has its pier and an outside terrace that provides a splendid calm area for relaxing and enjoying peaceful dinners.


Amenities available at the Fare Manava

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Fare Manava is equipped with sufficient amenities ranging from all necessary entertainment amenities like TV, kitchenware, internet, air conditioning, washing machine, toiletries, bathroom amenities, and more! The villa is conveniently situated near hotels and convenience stores, like the 5-star Intercontinental Le Moana Resort that is just adjacent to the property, while the signature award-winning Spa at the Intercontinental Thalasso Resort and Spa is a short distance via a short boat shuttle. Noteworthy, two of the top-rated restaurants in Bora Bora are situated within the vicinity, all these hotels and restaurants offer free shuttle transport to clients simply by making a reservation call.


Activities to do in Fare Manava

Enjoy the reenergizing and interesting line of fun activities ranging from swimming, fishing, skiing, cycling, sailing, and hiking. There is certainly something for everyone including exhilarating activities like jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, water skiing, and scuba diving. Other exciting leisure activities include shopping, wildlife viewing, whale watching, and boating.

Sustainability Approach of Fare Manava

Part of the sustainability approach adhered to by Fare Manava is the focused persistence of upholding ecotourism, great social interaction, and security. All that is ensured by the availability of safety amenities accessible at the villa including Emergency Exit Route, Fire Emergency Contact, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, Exterior Lighting, Police Emergency Contact, Smoke Detector, and Cleaning Disinfection.

There is no other place you’d rather be than the Fare Manava experiencing an invigorating and grandiose vacation made possible by the magical Fare Manava. Book your next trip! Fill out the booking form, @ and get packing.

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